Grail of Spirituality

Welsh and Pictish religious sources from Druidic and Witchcraft magical practices which were in existence before Christianity took root in Europe.

Understanding the Mysteries of Shamanic, visionary ecstasy creates a light which illuminates the human spirit and brightens the darkness of superstition and ignorance.

Neo-Witchcraft and Wicca

An Art of Magic or Casting Spells

Enlightenment, Healing, Knowledge, and Power

Spell Bottles


Dynion Mwyn is a Welsh Tradition of Witchcraft founded in Wales in 1521, refined in 1922, reorganized in 1960s and established in the United States in 1967. This Tradition is the basis for the tradition of Y Tylwyth Teg which was legally incorporated as a church in the state of Georgia in 1977 by Lord Rhuddlwm Gawr.

Books Written About Welsh Witchcraft and the Holy Grail Mysteries...Read them and find out how to become a Welsh Witch!

The Quest

The Quest is the true story of Rhuddlwm Gawr who as a young man was initiated into the ancient tribe of Dynion Mwyn and the clan of Y Tylwyth Teg in Wales.

The Way

the second book in the Quest Trilogy. It is an amazing story of the discovery of Grail of Immortality.

The Word

Welsh Witchcraft, The Grail of Immortality And The Sacred Keys

Wonder Tales Of Ancient Wales

The underlying ideas of Welsh stories placed in an English setting

Y Tylwyth Teg

fair-haired and covet golden-haired human children whom they kidnap, leaving changelings  in their place

Fairies: Real Encounters with Little People

Are fairies fallen angels, our primitive ancestors or beings from another world? This work gathers together eye-witness accounts of meetings with fairies.

Our tradition derives from Welsh and Pictish religious sources and from Druidic and Witchcraft magickal practices which were in existence before Christianity took root in Europe. Welsh Druidism, Pictish Witchcraft, and Etruscan sources are a basis for its priesthood which includes in its ancestry, Druids, Bards, Ovates, Faerie Doctors, Cunning Men, Men in Black, and Wise Women. Gypsys who migrated to Wales in ancient times, brought the Tarot; Jews fleeing the repressions of Europe brought the Kabbalah, Astrology and Gemetria.

Human Spirit

Without it he or she is nothing. With it, he or she becomes part of all creation.

Brightens the Darkness of Ignorance

After understanding the Mysteries, they can never be fully forgotten.

Becoming Part of All Creation

A discipline that creates an enriched inward vision and embraces the total human experience to death, and beyond.