Gwyl Canol Gaeaf-Yule

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Oak KingYule also known as Gwyl Canol Gaeaf lands on December 21-23 (during the winter solstice) celebrates the Divine King’s death and rebirth. It’s the time of year that recognizes the defeat of the Holly King, God of the passing year, at the hands of the Oak King, Overseer of the waxing year. During this season powers of good (the Oak King) overpower the powers of darkness (the Holly King) in their battles.

During this time clans would select a shape shifter who was in charge of balancing the Gwyl Canol Gaef festival. During this time its said the White Goddess will birth to the Sun God, a child of hope, he shall fertilize the land to bring warmth and goodness to the kingdom, as the Oak King rules. This will be the time where days are young but grow steadily longer, a time for family.

It is a tradition during Yule to have a solstice tree which originated in German cultures. Decorated by lights it is a way to honor the Sun God. It is also adorned with tinsel to hurry the snow along. As well as fruits from a recent harvest in thanks and to pray for bountiful harvest next season. This Sabbat’s colors are red and green. All of which show how Christianity stole from Wicca and druidism to create its own religious rituals.

Simply reading through the description of a traditional Yule celebration should sound oddly familiar to any one brought up in a Christian society. Americans should be especially familiar wit the description of a tree brought into the home, then decorated with lights and tinsel. In the centuries since the religion began Christianity has been taking over the holidays of so-called “pagan” religions. Taking holidays like Yule and turning them into new holidays like Christmas, moving the date of Christ to accommodate it.

Christians have been so successful in upending the holidays of other religions that modern day people have no idea what they’ve done. Modern day Wiccan’s and Druids who attempt to follow their faith the way it was intended are mocked. It’s an unjustifiable crime that Christian church leaders continue to perpetuate despite knowing the truth. It was only recently that American sitcoms even began to recognize the truth about Yule and other holidays.


Christians don’t have to give up their current traditions, they are far too embedded in society to do so, but they must begin to admit what they’ve done. They need to ease their burden that they have placed on the religions they made into outcasts over the centuries and whose holidays they preyed on. The best way for Christian leaders to handle this by coming forward and announcing to the world how their holidays came to be.

Its obvious that the general public will only ignore Druids and Wiccans about this problem, believing they’re conspiracy theorists, liars, or hippies. Yet if were to come down from a respected source of their religion they would be receptive to the issue. Giving pagan religions a chance to show the world what they really are instead of being beaten down by the worlds current major religions.

Admitting that Christianity had taken over the major religions of Druids and witchcraft based religions wouldn’t change much for them. Christmas and other holidays could be kept the same. The only thing that would change is that other religions would have a chance to celebrate alongside them. After all Yule is a time to celebrate, family togetherness, and to look forward to a brighter future. What else could fit in with the ideas of Christmas so perfectly?

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