United Kingdom Pagan Resources and References

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united kingdom pagan resources There is an almost endless list of websites dedicated to art, music, and traditions of the British isles with more popping up all the time. Many of these sites keep links up to the best of witchcraft resource pages. Included in those links are places like:

The Ancient Sacred Landscape Network or ASLaN: Made up of a unique range of groups who are dedicated to the conservation and easy access of sacred sites. ASLAN want to create national attention among local groups and national bodies to create an exchange of information. They want to be the governing body that acts as a point of government for all of this information between groups including their plans and problems. That position would also allow them to govern sacred sites while circulating the news of all the groups in the network.

The British Druid Order: Officially called Mother Grove of the British Druid Order (BDO) this group was created in 1979 to revive British paganism. The BDO teach the ways of the Druids as a natural form of spirituality including their healing methods. Teaching followers how to find the divine in all aspects of their live to promote healing, unity, and a better society for us all.

These two groups are just examples of the sea of British affiliated Pagan and Wiccan resources and references. For many the Craft can be a thing of mystery, ever elusive. For some the Craft may come to them as easily as breathing. None the less for both having resources on hand to guide you are just as important. These two groups hold a massive amount of information but there are many smaller websites that can help a person on their journey through the craft.

The White Goddess which is at thewhitegoddess.co.uk is a pretty large resource for those in the United Kingdom who are interested in learning the different paths of Paganism as they are seen in the UK. The White Goddess also has a set of forums that allow you to ask questions and interact with other pagans across the world. The White Goddess also offers many in depth guides to different aspects of the Craft such as Sabbats, the elements, Moon phases and more.

Witchcraftandmagic.uk is a London based website with lots of local options intertwined within it. Within this website you can find lots of information on the facts and histories of United Kingdom pagan sects including eco-magicians, outdoor pagans, and woodland witches. Witchcraftandmagic.uk is also the host and sponsor of the Gaian Times Magazine which is a digital goings on of the Londoner pagans and magic workers. This website also offers courses and initiations for those who are new to Wicca and Paganism who may not know just where to get started.

United Kingdom Pagan Resources and References

The United Kingdom as a whole is rich with Pagan history. This history reaches back farther than being within the isles themselves but it is still quite important. The true dawning of our more modern paganism began with the Druids of the British Isles. These men and women focused their energy on the betterment of their people as well as being in tuned with nature and the gods. This love of nature can be seen even now in many religions as well as political views. Druidism was a widely practiced religion for many hundreds of years before falling to the wayside with the invasions from Rome. The Roman invasion forced the Druids underground and eventually turned Druidism into a thing of the past and the dusty scrolls wherein its doctrine lay sleeping. Many of these manuscripts were lost to time though the few that were not are still greatly treasured.

After the invasions of Rome and the Roman retreat the British Isles went through a religious evolution. The Romans opened up the pathway for Christianity to filter into the Isles. This Christianity grew into the Catholic and Protestant and Lutheran sects that we still see in Britain today.

In the 1950’s is when we actually see a revival of the ways of the British Druids and the Pagans. The religion itself is ancient but its newest and most modern form is somewhat recent which can be a surprise to some. British Druidism and Paganism has been used and absorbed into many other branches and sects across the world though many are centralized within North America and the British Isles.

The revival of contemporary Wicca and Paganism can really be traced back to one gentleman and his published works. Gerald Brosseau Gardener who went by the Wiccan name Scire, is the main reason why Paganism came back into the spotlight as an established religion.

Gardener was a man of many interests as well as many talents. Beyond being an author he was also an amateur though devout anthropologist as well as archaeologist. Through these hobbies we were given the revival of Paganism as well as the creation of Gardnerian Wicca.

After moving to London to 1945 Gardener began his journey into bringing the magic back. He wrote several tomes that helped Wicca get the boost it needed like High Magic’s Aid written in 1949, Witchcraft Today written in 1954, and The Meaning of Witchcraft written in 1959. Through these books and his own coven creation Gardener brought his knowledge of the Craft to many others who would not have otherwise known about the religion at all. Gardener is the internationally recognized “Father of Wicca” and he earned it.

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    Hello John. I’m brasilian 66 years old, physician and I’m pagan wiccanian. I live in Osasco São Paulo and I’d like to recive more informations from you about pagans in England. On september I’m going to Bourne, Lincolnshire, near Peterborrough to visit my sister that lives there. Do you know any open pagan circles that may I visit on Stanford or Bourne? I”ll be in England for one month september-october, including London 8days…from setember,17. Best regards and Blessed Be! Lenilda. Sorry my bad English.!

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