Church and Coven of Dynion Mwyn

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Church and Coven of Dynion Mwyn

Dynion Mwyn is a welsh form of witchcraft that was originally created in 1967 in the United States, it became the basis of Y Tylwythteg a legally incorporated church of Georgia state in 1977 led by Lord Rhuddlwm. It is now a recognized as a legitimate church by the IRS, Administrative Court, and other sections of the U.S. federal government. The Dynion Mwyn faith has three important tenants:

  1. Create safe places of worship for follow the Welsh God and Goddess, who want to worship and observe their sacred Sabbats.
  2. To aid people in holistically developing their latent intellectual, psychical, mental, spiritual, and emotional abilities.
  3. Creating a harmonious relationship with nature, learning to cherish and protect it every way possible inside and out.

Members of Dynion Mwyn share a belief that all life shares a sacred connected, it is the heart of their religious beliefs. Applying that belief to everyday life is known as the Witches Way, its a philosophy that has been around for centuries, evolving into the version we know today. A central piece of that philosphy today is observing eight seasonal festivals during the year that help develop a strong connection between followers gods, nature, and their own spirits.

It is also important for followers to come together throughout the year for special meetings where they will meditate and enjoy each others company while working through common problems. These meetings are known as circles and take place every two weeks among thousands of Dynion Mwyn groups all over the world. An idea that may come as a shock to followers of mainstream religions such as Christianity or Islam who see themselves as the dominant faith on Earth.

What may surprise them even more is that what they see is as simple pagan religion is just as organized as their own denominations. Dynion Mwyn has covens across the United States and across the world who are all connected. There are sister covens in Africa, Australia, and Western Europe (which includes a large coven in Great Britain and the surrounding isles). All of these churches are organized first into two separate circles: the inner and outer circles.

The outer circle is for witches who haven’t been initiated into the church yet while the inner circle is reserved for people who have been accepted. After finding their way into the inner circle witches can reach higher levels inside the church. The first is simply being a witch who observes the Sabbats, attempts to find a harmonious relationship with nature, and develops healing skills.

Church and Coven of Dynion Mwyn

Those who dive deep into those studies can then join the priesthood of Y Dynion Mwyn where witches can be become leaders of a coven teaching others how to develop deeper spiritual connections with nature and each other. Priests who wish to pursue this calling to its greatest heights can be brought into the High Priesthood where they will be taught the ancient Celtic Grail myths and teach others how to find their way in life. The High Priesthood puts followers on the path to becoming an elder.

That organization alone demonstrates that Y Dynion Mwyn, despite its young age is capable of competing with even the most ancient of mainstream religions. Becoming a member of Y Dynion Mwyn is not an easy task but it is very rewarding if you choose to follow. The Craft has many things to offer those who seek to join it but do you have plenty to offer the Craft?

Are you a sincere, loyal, and trustworthy person? If you answered yes to this then you may be a good fit for Y Dynion Mwyn. Respect and honor of Y Dynion Mwyn is an extremely important aspect of the religion. If you can not respect the roots and the past then you can not appreciate what will come in the future. As with other traditional witchcraft covens, Y Dynion Mwyn does not seek out those who wish to join. Instead they wait in the background for the seekers of truth to come to them.

When it comes to the Craft, one must remember that it is a way of life. The Craft is not a hobby for one to toil away their hours with. Each person that wants to join a coven is carefully looked over to make sure that they would be good candidates for the religion.

What you need to know about Dynion Mwyn is that they are a coven that was founded in the 1300’s in Wales. The religion has also transplanted itself into the United States of America by way of the Y Dynion Mwyn coven started in 1967 in Maryland. For those who follow its path, Welsh Witchcraft is a religion of spiritual enlightenment, knowledge, healing, and magick. Spiritual growth is the key to a successful life as a Witch.

Some witches are born, others are made but all are welcome in the Y Dynion Mwyn faith if they choose to find their way to it. The church of Y Dynion Mwyn will open doors for them that they had never known existed into their spirituality. That isn’t to say that the path of Celtic witchcraft is an easy one, it takes as much commitment as any other form of religion.

Walking down the path of Y Dynion Mwyn is not a choice that should be made lightly. It will affect every aspect of their life in ways they might not expect. So make sure to think before walking the path to be sure its rewards won’t be overshadowed by regret.

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