Southeastern Sacred Mysteries

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As you probably know the world is filled with mysterious areas, places where the energies of the Earth openly leak out. These areas have been centers of ritual, worship, and spiritual growth since civilization began. They go by a wealth of different names but their most common and recognizable title is power spots. And while these areas of mysterious power have been found all around the world their is no place on Earth where they are more concentrated than the U.S. They are especially prevalent in the Southeastern section of the country where Native Americans tapped into their power since migrating to the land millennia ago.

In the modern age power spots have become an important part of worship and spiritual growth not only for Native American tribes but pagans and psychics as well. Who tout that the benefits of these mysterious areas are nearly endless and the potential to learn about the Earth’s inner workings priceless. What better place to learn about the energies and forces of the planet we call home then areas where they are most concentrated. Places where the average person can simply feel that they are being surrounded by something important.

These are the power spots of the Southeastern United States where you can easily find the feeling that your being surrounded by something important:

Desoto Falls, AL– Not only a powerful power spot but also an area where Prince Madoc constructed one of his stone fortresses. This located near a waterfall in the area.

Jadaculla Rock, N.C.- The Cherokee has a special name for this mountain, “Tsuneguh-yi” which means “The White Places” here you can find pictographs that predate even the Cherokee

The Devils Tramping Ground, N.C.- An especially mysterious power spot in North Carolina, there are huge areas of ground here where nothing will grow. Believed by some to be caused by the devil tramping along plotting against mankind.

Rattlesnake Mountain, N.C.– An area well known to the Cherokee tribe who call the spot “Atsilawo-i” in their native language which translates to “Where fire comes down” suggesting the site had once been an active volcano site.

Pinson Mounds, TNA unique power spot in the country it is also one of the largest prehistoric Native American archaeological sites on record. Taking its name from the 15 massive Native American mounds found across the 1,200 acre area.  It still holds spiritual energy from those ancient times we can connect with.

Shining Rock, N.C.- An especially active power spot in North Carolina, Shining Rock was an important area to people long before Europeans settled it. Known to the Cherokee in their native tongue as “Datsuna-laskuh-i” meaning “Where the tracks are”, what this means is still hotly debated.

Madira Bickel Mound, Fl- Doubling as a highly active power spot and Florida’s first designated State Archaeological Site. This area has been highly active for over 2,000 years with a prominent mound at its heart that was used and added to by three different Native American Cultures.

Russel Cave, AL- Best known as an archaeological site with records of prehistoric Native Americans that’s back to 10,000 B.C. to 1650 A.D. this is a truly unique power spot. It was a home and refuge for thousands of years helping it to build up immense amounts of psychic energy.

Southeastern Sacred Mysteries

Old Stone Fort, TN- Built somewhere between 1,500 to 2,000 years ago during ago during what is known as the Middle Woodland Period, the Old Stone Fort was used by Native Americans continuously for around 500 years. The site was the scene of regular rituals dedicated to the solstice and other ceremonies which makes it a prime power spot to visit.

Leverocks Altar Stone, FL- Discovered when owners of a restaurant were breaking ground this altar stone, likely used by Timucuan priests around 1 A.D., has two faces carved into it and hole for offerings. It’s on display near the restaurant which allows pagans and others to perform ceremonies around it.

Wickliffe Mounds, KY- Originally created and inhabited 900 years ago it is the site of a Native American village made up of mounds. Created by a group of people archaeologists call the Mississippians the site holds sway over people not only because of its stunning over look of the Mississippi river but also the energies that flow from it. Creating a site that should be visited at least once in your lifetime.

Poverty Point, LA- Created over an estimated five million hours by a culture that hits peak around 3,000 years ago this was the center of a trading network that spanned hundreds of miles. It is the most important archaeological site in the United States. And one of the only places to experience the energy that was left behind by thousands of Native Americans who were part of a rich vibrant culture thousands of years ago. The importance and power of this power spot can be overstated.

Southeastern Sacred Mysteries

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