Who is Dale Griffis

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Dale GriffisWhen talking about Dr. Dale Griffis the first thing we must keep in mind is that he never received an accredited degree. The degree he claims to have came from Columbia Pacific University that was owned by Dr. Les Carr. Dr. Carr used his property for years as a fake “north campus” of Columbia Pacific University correspondence school. The “campus” was nothing more than a diploma mill that Dr. Griffis claims to have visited multiple times.

When the truth was discovered the state attorney generals office forced Columbia Pacific university to close altogether. The school also had to pay civil penalties and repay student tuition fees. Dr. Carr bore the brunt of the penalties, named the schools owner, dean, and chairman of the board in the lawsuit.

Deputy Attorney general Asher Rubin laid into the school labeling it a diploma mill that had preyed on innocent people for years. The suit he filed against Columbia Pacific called it a farce that pushed out useless degrees to innocent people. On top of his role at Columbia Pacific Dr. Carr was also a part-time psychologist at the San Quentin prison. It was later discovered that Dr. Carr was involved in several other illegal operations related to his work.

Dale Griffis, a former Ohio state policeman, was un-phased by the revelations about the school his degree came from. In fact he later used his degree to try and become an occult expert consultant for the police. A field that he never received proper training for and was nowhere near qualified for. The truth is being an expert on the occult is a highly specialized field that few academics go into because of the stigma and difficulty around it.

Anyone who wants to be an occult expert who can consult the police on potential occult related crimes must possess a wide range of knowledge. The occult encompasses everything supernatural or mystical, that includes pagan religious practices, psychic powers, even Christian rituals.  The field involves being a psychologist, historian, mythologist, and sociologist all at once.

Who is Dale Griffis

Learning everything needed to become an expert on the occult takes years of extra education on top of a regular degree program. Even then many occult experts choose a special section of the field to focus on. A great example is studying the belief in psychic powers in all its different forms. Psychic abilities have in fact been a major part of occult studies for nearly 200 years.

While the majority of occult experts help to debunk claims of psychic ability there is a small group of researchers in the field trying to prove their existence.  Using their vast knowledge to prove to the police and others that psychic powers are a valid investigative tool that shouldn’t be ignored.

No matter what area of the occult they focus on however, these experts play an important, although often neglected, role in our society. Taking on an uphill battle to prove what the occult is truly all about while debunking the fakes. Its a difficult position that people like Dale Griffis could never hope to achieve.

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