Brief History of Welsh Faerie Witchcraft in America

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Welsh Faerie Magic first came to America in the 1960’s:

1965- In June of 65 an American doing work in Europe, named Rhuddlwm, happens to meet Sarah Llewellyn a Welsh Witch on vacation on the Isle of Majorca near the coast of Spain. Their meeting sparked an instant sprititual connection between Rhuddlwm and Sarah Llewellyn who quickly fell into a deeply connected relationship.

1966- This is the year Rhuddlwm is initiated into a Welsh tribe called Dynion Mwyn or “The Gentle Folk” at Betws-y-Coedd in North Wales. A family of witches they claim to have ancestors reaching back to Prince Llewellyn of Wales in 1282 A.D. Joining the family is Rhuddlwm’s first step to a spiritual awakening. The elders of Dynion Mwyn give him the name Rhuddlwm Gawr, then instruct him to return to America and being teaching the craft of Y Tylwyth Teg “The Clan of The Fairy Folk” in secret there.

It is a task that Rhuddlwm would later he felt unpreprared for and unwilling to complete. Upon returning to the United States where he is soon hired by an aerospace company in Landover, Maryland who immediately transfer him to Houston, Texas. There he is assigned to NASA’s Apollo Manned Lunar Project. Throughout all of this however, the words of the elders do not stop haunting him and Rhuddlwm soon found himself teaching introductory Y Tylwyth Teg classes at a small books store in Houston.

A year later he would be transferred to DC where he would found the first coven of Y Tylwyth Teg in the United States to a huge positive response. He is quickly flooded with students and seekers eager to find any form of earth based spiritual system. During this same year Lady Dana is initiated by Rhuddlwm as the first High Priestess of Y Tylwyth Teg; which quickly transforms from a small coven into a full fledged church.

Brief History of Welsh Faerie Witchcraft in America

The Y Tylwyth Teg Church brought together members of a several different pagan beliefs including traditional Celtic pagans and solitary practitioners. And over the course of 1967 the church continually expands hosting the first ever Gathering of the Tribes before expanding outwards. Setting up covens in Florida, California, Texas, and Georgia. It also during this year that Rhuddlwm takes a chance trip to Bermuda where he meets with Sarah Llewellyn  who initiates him into the higher levels of the faith with added responsibility.

It is around this time that he helps to found “The Association of Cymry Wiccae” a gathering of traditional Welsh Witchcraft covens in America. The creation of this gathering is quickly followed by the founding of a worship site on private land in Maryland where a worship circle is dedicated near a grove of oak trees. This meeting site as well as the association of covens that met at it decided in 1968 that the association should remain secret. Fearing the repercussions of being openly pagan in that day and age.

Over the next several years the association worked together to host private classes for students eager to learn about the ways of Dynion Mwyn. Eventually making connections with another coven known as “The Family” whose members worked in local government. Using those connections the association was able to expand their meetings and change their worship sites. Continuing to grow into the early 1970’s when it began to splinter with many of the covens moving out of state and ultimately disbanding.

Undeterred the Church of Y Tylwyth Teg continues on, relocating to Georgia in 1971 and joins together with the Pagan Way in 1972 to continue the Association of Cymry Wiccae. In the next year leaders of the church use the association to apply for tax exempt religious status for Y Tylwyth Teg. Upon receiving that the church begins teaching more openly, starting a correspondence course under the fake name “Brotherhood of Wicca”.¬† All while continually celebrating the annual Gathering of the Tribes in Georgia.

In the years following the church would become a member of the Fellowship of Isis in Ireland and found the first Pagan Special Interest Group in the United States. Creating a need for new leaders in the church all over the country at which point several new high priestesses are initiated, giving the church confidence to dissolve the Brotherhood of Wicca altogether.

Brief History of Welsh Faerie Witchcraft in America

In the decades that would follow the church of Y Tylwyth Teg would continue to affiliate itself with other major pagan covens and groups. Expanding its influence while fighting back against anti-pagan legislation in the 1980’s. Leading up to Rhuddlwm handing over leadership of the church to Lady Cerriddwen ab Gawr to devote his full attention to the Association of Cymry Wiccae. He would finally step down as the church’s CEO in 2003.

It is also at this time that the Dynion Mwyn and Y Tylwyth Teg Inc. choose to split from each other to follow different goals; leading us into the modern day.

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