Georgia’s Ft. Mountain and Prince Madoc of Wales

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Georgia's Ft. MountainIn Georgia is a rather large park called Fort Mountain State Park. At 3428 acres Fort Mountain takes up a pretty large space of land within the Chattahoochee National Forest which is near the Cohutta Wilderness area. The Fort Montain park offers a nice, wide array of of outdoor activities, though what we are most interested in is a man made occurrence on the mountain. Fort Mountain sports an archaeological occurrence that has stunned quite a few, an ancient, mysterious, stone wall.

The name “Fort Mountain” comes from the ancient, man made stone wall that fortifies the highest part of the mountain it resides on. The wall itself is 885 feet long and up to 7 feet high at some points of the wall. We have archaeological evidence to suggest that the wall was even taller than 7 feet tall when it was first built. Even the width of the wall is staggering, 12 feet wide in some places and 29 pits have been found along the wall in rather regular intervals. There has not been another wall like this found in Southeastern Archaeology.

According to the records from the Cherokee their people called those who built the walls the “moon-eyed people”. They were called this because they could see better during the night than in the day time. According to these records it is said that the moon-eyed people had light, fair skin with blonde hair and blue eyes. Theories as to why this wall was built abound. Some believe the wall was built for Sun worship, others say its purpose was to be used in athletic games.Sun Worship


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