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Time For FreedomNo group has shown a greater ability bounce back than the Christian Right. Experiencing a dramatic resurgence following the televangelist scandals of the 1980’s, the fall of of Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority, and finally Pat Robertson’s disastrous presidential bid. Starting in the 1990’s they discovered the power grassroots movements to influence American politics at every level.

Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition is given much of the credit for discovering the power of grass roots at the local level. Shifting the Christian Rights strategic focus to local people. An overlooked reason for the Christian Right’s continued success though, is a theological shift that started in the 1960’s. Called Christian Reconstructionism it has been the driving force behind the Christian Right that hits stride in the 90’s.

The power of Restructionism isn’t in its numbers but the ideas behind it and how readily accepted they are. Surprisingly many members of the Christian Right do not even realize they are using Reconstructionist ideas. Reconstructionism is controversial, even the most extreme evangelicals avoid its label, even if they are consciously using its ideals.

Reconstructionism seeks to impose theocratic rule on the United States destroying democracy by replacing it with “Biblical Law.” It would wipe out all forms of democracy including public education, civil rights, and freedom of ideas. People have been seeing the effects of this dangerous theology for years now even if they didn’t know the name for it.

As funding for public education was increasingly undercut while churches enjoyed greater and greater tax breaks. Freedom of the press has disappeared beneath a wall of fear created by corporations run by Reconstructionists.

As those same corporations were able to limit their employees civil rights and access to medical care by saying it goes against their beliefs. In fact Christian foundations and corporations have been given the same rights to donate to political campaigns as individuals. That has opened the door for them to enact even greater political changes in America to suit their ideals.

If something isn’t done soon to prevent the spread of these dangerous ideals they will soon overtake America’s democratic system. We have to keep in mind however that the members of this group themselves are not evil. Their methods maybe extreme but they are not themselves bad people, they are just people with a very narrow minded view of the world.

Their philosophy unlike that of druids, wiccans, shamans, or less extreme Christians simply doesn’t allow other religions to help lead. An ideal that cannot be allowed to take over but also one we shouldn’t attack with hatred. Attacking Reconstructionists with hate or anger would be no better than what they are doing now.

Religious Freedom Coalition Reconstruction

Instead other religious groups like druids or Buddhists can use the same methods the Reconstructionists use to spread their own ideals. Isn’t the basic foundation of America that everyone should have an equal voice? Reconstructionists obviously have a right to spread their ideas but so does everyone else. Other religions can offer counter arguments and opposite ways of looking at things to generate a public discussion.

The biggest reason that Reconstructionist groups have so successful in their attempts to undermine democracy is how readily accepted their ideas are. The reason those ideas are accepted so quickly is easy to understand; Reconstructionists are one of the only religious groups spreading their ideas politically.

In a normal political setting their are two opposing view points, the Democrats and Republicans are a great example of this. Reconstructionists have no other religious group like pagans countering their moves. So people naturally accept the only viewpoint available. Even if its prejudiced against innocent groups like psychics, shamans, or druids.

Druids and psychic mediums can counteract these Reconstructionist ideas by doing nothing more than spreading their own. They don’t have to jump into politics, filling campaign coffers or anything like that. Fighting back is as simple as speaking up more often with their own values. Nothing is more empowering than knowledge. An idea that is perfectly suited to many other religions that Reconstructionists would like to suppress

Wicca, shamanism, Buddhism all have the power to become as influential in the American government as extreme Christians. All by doing nothing but talking to people at the local level the same way Reconstructionists have been doing for years.

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