The Two Faces of the Late Jerry Falwell

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Jerry FalwellSociety tell us that we should never speak ill of the dead, yet in the case of Jerry Falwell how can we follow that rule? No one can forget Reverend Falwell’s comments on the “700 Club” following the events of September 11 where he said: “I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America, I point the finger in their face and say ‘you helped this happen.”

Falwell eventually apologized for those comments but nothing could stop them from becoming a major part of his legacy. He certainly didn’t leave a legacy on the religious life of the United States. Falwell did however, have a major impact on political life in America by founding the Moral Majority. A group that has taken the teachings of Jesus Christ and turned them into a partisan weapon. Falwell’s Moral Majority has become the greatest enemy minority groups such as feminists and gays but their biggest targets have been pagans, psychics, and non-Christians. Those groups will especially remember Reverend Falwell not as a preacher but as a politician.

Of course Falwell isn’t the first religious leader to try and use Christianity to suppress pagan religions or people with psychic abilities. That has been a trend of Christian leaders since the religion came to power in the Roman Empire. In fact we can trace the horrific suppression of pagans and others like them right back to the Roman Emperor Constantine who made Christianity Rome’s state religion. After making the tremendous religious shift Constantine decided to lay out what he considered Christian doctrine.

The changes he made to the teachings of Christ were the tipping point for the many different pagan groups of Europe. Pagan beliefs became feared the outlawed over time; becoming a thing to be feared by children and persecuted by adults. Pagans and psychics quickly became the favorite scapegoat of the Catholic church followed by the protestants.

All under the guise that pagans or people with psychic abilities were worshipers of evil who were causing plague or pestulance. Once you got rid of them religious leaders would say God would forgive you and your torment. That idea should sound familiar to psychics, pagans, and other minorities in America today it is the same logic the Moral Majority is using today. Rev. Jerry Falwell

The biggest difference between medieval church leaders and people like Reverend Falwell today? The church has lost much of the political power that it used to wield against people that didn’t fit into their views. In America church and state was separated so people like Falwell are using politics to continue the work against paganism.

Attempting to worm religious ideas into the American political system and undermine the separation of church and state. If psychics and pagans want to avoid the level of persecution they suffered through the middle ages they will need to start fighting back politically.

Christian groups have been working their way into the highest levels of the American government for decades in all different forms. Their is the Moral Majority, the Tea Party, extremely conservative Republicans. On the flip side of that coin there are Democrats, Liberals, and small groups like the ACLU. These groups stand for groups like gays, minorities, and women but who stands for psychics and pagans?

At the moment there is none, there is no pagan leader like Falwell or his cronies. An obvious reason for that is psychics and pagans are firm believers in peace. Fighting back against people like Falwell doesn’t come naturally to people who believe in harmony and living in peace with nature. That must change if they ever plan to discuss their beliefs in public without fear of attack.

That doesn’t mean that these groups must give up on their beliefs in peace, to start attacking Christians the way Farwell attacked them. Instead they can use their beliefs to court public opinion in their favor. Starting by coming out of the shadows that they have been hiding in for so long. There’s been no better time to do this than the last two decades with the public becoming interested in psychic phenomenon and pagan beliefs.

TV shows and movies have been focusing on psychic, paranormal, and pagan ideas for years now. All of that attention has raised public awareness about these supposedly evil beliefs and abilities. Making them question the teachings of fanatics like Farwell, its started a subtle shift in public opinion. That is why now is the time for those repressed groups to start speaking up the way the gay rights movement has.

There’s no need to form a political party, like the green party created by conservationists, pagans and psychics instead need to rally, literally. Political rallies for gay rights at court houses around the country were huge part of breaking people away from religious conservatives lies. Psychics and pagans could do the same, reminding American leaders of the separation of church and state.

Honing on this idea would stop them from forcing their ideas onto other people the way that Christians have. Keeping in line with their own beliefs of peace and individuality. They wouldn’t be turning pagan beliefs or psychic abilities into a weapon. Although their is a way for them to use their belief and abilities in this struggle against hatred.

During rallies instead of using flags and colors the way gay rights activists did psychics and pagans could instead use their knowledge and abilities. Using them to project feelings of peace and understanding to the areas surrounding the courthouses.

This unique approach would help to dissipate the rage that often clouds the minds of people who come to these rallies. Increasing the odds that common people will open their minds to the idea of once again separating church and state. Giving pagans and psychics the edge that they need to succeed in the hostile political environment.

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