The Religious Freedom Coalition of The Southeast Presents: Dangers to Religious Freedom

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we need free religionExtremist conservatives represent everything wrong with our country they are: self-absorbed, lust for power, hate the poor, betray the nation and her people, lie, belittle the nations history, besmirch its institutions, dirty its political morals, and destroy its goals of advancement for all people. They live to make war especially ones that they do not have to join the fighting in. These extremists start wars that cause the deaths of thousands of innocent people as well as our armed personnel. They feed on the war-time profits that wouldn’t exist without the empty wars they cause.

Extremist conservatives don’t believe logic, compassion, historical fact, and refuse to acknowledge legal precedents as being worthy of consideration. They fight to give corporations the same rights as individuals so that they funnel money into candidates and elections that work in their favor.

These extremists blatantly ignore the effect their policies have on work class Americans, eroding their political influence and rights. They use outlets like Fox News and pundits like Sean Hannity or Glen Beck to tell blue collar Americans what they should, do think, and say. Their greatest crime though is saying that all of the horrifying effects their actions have are acts of God.

What better way to avoid answering for the terrible crimes you’ve committed out of greed than to pass the buck onto God? No would blame a higher power for any of these things and extremist conservatives make sure it stays that way. Even when God seems like an out of place answer they have other scapegoats such as gays or more often pagans.

Pagans are the perfect scapegoat for extremist conservatives because after forcing their version of Christianity down American’s throats they are open to hating non-Christians. If something goes wrong its because of the sins committed by Wiccans and others like them. God is simply punishing the world for not casting out these witches as the Bible commands them to.

free religion for everyoneExtremist conservatives are essentially trying to drag us back into the Middle Ages just to support their own greed and lust for power. Telling average Americans that its demonic witches causing all of their problems not them to keep them ignorant. That is what makes them the greatest threat to religious freedom in America.

In their drive to grab as much power and money as they could manage they’ve created a conservative Christian monster. One that they have no intentions of trying to control or do away with because they don’t care to. In the eyes of extremist conservatives the machine of hatred towards pagan groups like Wiccans is working just fine. As the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” and for them it is working just fine.

So if the average American is too caught up in this machine of hatred and extremist conservatives love it too much to dismantle who will stop it? The answer couldn’t be more simple, the pagans who are being abused by it most. Who better to shine a light on what’s going on than the people its trying to throw under the bus?

America was built on the idea that the minority should have equal rights and say as the majority. Just because America has become a majority of extreme conservative Christians doesn’t make the ideals it was built on disappear. Wiccans, Druids, and all other pagan groups need to utilize their rights as minority, taking back their rights.

In order to do that however they will have to stop being the silent minority, trying to hide their beliefs from average people out of fear. Hiding who they are and how they practice their beliefs is what helps create the fear brainwashed Americans are attacking them with. People naturally fear what they don’t and come up with wild stories about, this is especially true of Wicca.

Most people still believe in the stories that have been passed down through the centuries about followers of Wicca. That their evil witches who sacrifice animals and hex people to ruin their lives. What else could they think if actual Wiccans never come forward to the general public to tell them otherwise. Sure many Wiccans explain their beliefs to close friends but that information never goes far.

If pagans want to not only have to stop living in fear of practicing their beliefs and want to stop extremist conservatives from making things worse they need to get vocal on a big scale. Stepping it in big numbers in their local communities and at the national level to show they are not what extremist conservatives make them out to be. All by doing nothing more than talking about who they are and what they believe so it can’t be buried in lies anymore.

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