The Anatomy of the Religious Right and Their Real purpose

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Flag with rightsAmerican’s have been wondering for decades who is truly in charge of the country, is it the Illuminati, the Man, maybe the mob? Sadly the answer is far less devious but harder to accept. Starting around 2002, the power rule the country was available to anyone willing to spend, lets say a $100,000 to back a political campaign or two.

It is easy to identify the biggest political contribution groups in America. Many of the names on that list unsurprisingly are conservative foundations. It only takes a little bit of sleuthing to uncover that for yourself.

Many of these foundations look at political donations as investments they can cash in on. They give money to receive huge tax breaks or to have legislation go in their favor. That gives them huge amounts of influence that you can easily see for yourself.

The influence these foundations wield goes against everything the American dream of popular government stands for. Demands for reform have been raging for years with initiatives seeing success at the state level. Congress on the other hand has done nothing about campaign reforms, despite public outrage. We want this article to inspire people who want their votes to count as much as money-driven foundations to go out and fight for it.

The most important groups who need to stand up and fight are those who are repressed the most such as pagans, clairvoyants, and mediums. These are the people right wing religious and conservative groups want to silence with the political influence they buy. Ensuring people will continue to believe that clairvoyants and mediums are scam artists or that pagans are evil.

They will stop at nothing to maintain their power and influence over the American government. Unless those people they work so hard to repress band together to actively fight back against them. Pagans and psychics have both numbers and ability on their site to create a force for change in today’s congress.

Anatomy of the Religious Right

The only problem is getting these groups to believe in themselves and their ability to fight back. That type of change starts with one person willing to rally others behind them to demonstrate the power of the suppressed people. Pagan churches or Wiccan covens are the perfect breeding ground for this kind of social revolution.

Beginning with your own coven or pagan church enlist people in pushing for change on a state level to have your religion better recognized. Then branch out to other covens and churches building a sea of support and financial back to use against the religious right.

If they are able to use the money and support of their religion to gain support in the government than pagans should be able to do the same. Psychics, especially clairvoyants and mediums, have an even greater power to take power and influence away from the religious right. Using nothing more than their natural abilities, that religious conservatives would rather keep covered up.

The greatest strength of psychics is not in money but in their ability to expose the truth. Mediums are a perfect example of how psychics can influence the political world. They have a direct connection with the world beyond this one that they can use to receive messages from the dead. Spirits are always watching and many would be eager to help aid the living in their struggles, especially if it affects their loved ones.

Mediums could act as a voice to people who have passed on but are closely watching or attending political rallies. Helping those spirits to point out when a politician is trying to lie or cover up their true agenda. Voicing the questions or opinions that the living can’t hear.

Not only that but Mediums can also use their natural ability to detect others emotions to expose the truth. Acting as an antenna for the emotions of the politicians at a rally a group of mediums could easily detect when something wasn’t right. Calling out for the truth and catching right wing conservatives off their guard with powers they didn’t expect to be up against.

Mediums aren’t the only ones with psychic abilities that can lead to change either. Clairvoyants can also tip the balance of power out of the hands of conservatives and money driven foundations. In fact a clairvoyants ability to clearly see into the past, present, and future are the ultimate tool for putting America back on track. What better way to uncover the truth behind the conservatives agenda than seeing everything they’ve done and ever will do?

More often than not foundations and politicians will try to cover up their past misdeeds. The methods they use will fool modern systems for the most part but the truth never truly goes away. All it takes is the right knowledge to unravel all of the lies. So political groups fighting back against conservatives should first use a clairvoyant to uncover any lies being told.

Have them look into a politicians past for any misdeeds that can be exposed. Groups can also call upon clairvoyants with the ability of remote viewing to search for places where shady events might be occurring. Being able to see events where right wing conservatives or powerful foundations are using shady tactics is the best way to nip it in the bud.

It can also be used to upset a political campaign by shining a light on all of the things they would prefer stay in the dark. After upsetting their campaigns momentum with their past or present clairvoyants can help further derail their destructive campaigns. Using the power of precognition they show how certain right wing conservatives or money driven groups will drive America off its path.

All of that information that was supposed to be kept secret will be sure to help change peoples minds about who they’re voting for. Helping to undermine the influence of groups who have taken America away from its ideal of representative government. It will also help prove that psychics have an important place in our society.

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