Radical Islam at War with America

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war from radical islamWe in the past decade plus have seen a very fair amount of bigotry, terrorism, and war mongering. We in the United States of America have played a part but we have also been played upon. There are many factors in the wars we now face. We should be discussing the religious aspects that have permeated these very political issues.

For this last decade or so we have seen the definite rise of modern radical Islam. This radicalism within Islam has lead to some very nasty conditions within quite a few different Muslim countries who were under Sharia law at the time.

There have been many misguided attempts at achieving goals under the guise of a Jihad and Radicalism. There have been attacks on other religions, other means of government, and other personal views which have seen to poison the short term against the Islamic people. Misconceptions abound from us and from them.

This Jihad, also known as a holy war is being waged throughout the world against many centers of religion and government such as the Dinkas in Sudan, the Coptic Christians of Egypt, The Catholics of the Philippines, the Christians of East Timor, The Bahais of Iran, and the Hindus of India have all been under attack at one point or another.

Religious battles have been a problem for every society since the dawn of religion. From the Crusades to the Inquisition and now to the Jihad. We in the Wiccan and Pagan community have seen the same sorts of discrimination and religious persecution.

Many of those who would join Wiccan and Pagan religions even in modern times way feel rather threatened or looked down upon. There are many ways of going about protecting yourself from discrimination and persecution. One of the best ways though is through protection and shielding spells.

Radical Islam at war with America

Blocking Spell

This spell is useful for blocking the ill intentions of a person or a small group of people. This is not a hex or curse and it wont cause any injury or misery to the people it is used for. It simply blocks those with bad intentions.

  1. Use possessions of the person or people who have ill intentions against you, such as pieces of clothing, hair, or nail clippings.
  2. Write the name or names of the people on paper and place the papers within their dolls.
  3. Take the finished dolls, wrap them in freezer paper, and place them in the freezer for as long as is needed.

Botanical Guardian Anti-Evil Spell

You can keep evil and malevolent spirits away from yourself by carrying these botanicals with you wherever you go.

For this you will need:





  1. For maximum power these plants are best kept alive and near each other. You can cultivate your own and keep them in your home with you for extra potency.
  2. When leaving your home take a sprig of each botanical with you.
  3. Weave these sprigs together while focusing your thoughts and energy on your protection and shielding.
  4. Take this woven set of sprigs and place them within a red drawstring bag. Carry this bag with you wherever you go.


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