The Two Faces of Bob Barr

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Bob BarrSenator Bob Barr has been a long time supporter of the extreme conservative Christian position. He has always shown huge interest in issues concerning church and state. Showing that he poses a real threat to the first amendment with every action he takes in congress.

Barr believes so strongly in conservative Christian ideals that he claims all other religions besides conservative Christianity are not “real religions.” That begs the question what counts as a “real religion” to Senator Barr? Does the Senator even practice a real religion based on his own criteria? We should all remember this passage when talking about Bob Barr: “By their works may they be known”

(It’s important to keep in mind when talking about someone like Bob Barr or any other conservative Christian supporter to do your investigation. Don’t simply take our word for how these individuals act, always look into it for yourself.)

As we said before Senator Barr has a long history of supporting extreme conservative Christian positions. He was the sponsor of the Defense of Marriage Act, played an important role in President Clinton’s impeachment trial, and is a strong supporter of suppressing other religions. All before leaving the Republican party in 2006 to join the Libertarian party, seeking their presidential nomination.

Barr claimed he left the Republican party because of differences with the Bush administration over civil liberties. Barr said the Libertarian Party “is the only party that is true to my core philosophy of working to minimize government power and maximize individual liberty.”

Wanting to maximize individual liberty while minimizing government power is a valiant ideal to strive for; yet how do we know that is what Bob Barr is after? After all of these years of committing crimes against individual liberty how can we be sure that Senator Barr has changed? If you were to ask Wiccan’s, psychics, and other members suppressed by Barr the answer would be clear, we can’t trust him.

The Two Faces of Bob Barr

We only to have to go back as far as 1999, a few short years before Barr joined the Libertarian Party, that we see his true oppressive colors. Among a long list of crimes against liberty during the year Barr held a special meeting at a small library in Marietta, Georgia. The whole point of this small library meeting? Barr wanted to blast the commander of Fort Hood in Texas for allowing a coven of Wiccan’s to perform a religious ceremony.

Barr told the assembled crowd that Wicca posed a a serious threat to military discipline and that the First Amendment had to be ignored to deal with this threat. Going onto say that “We are a nation that believes in God, it’s on our money. It’s on our documents” Yet Barr couldn’t explain how this simple Wiccan ritual, meant to celebrate the Spring equinox, was a danger to the military.

Barr’s only defense for those words today is that he supported the practice of Wicca and religions like it by civilians and military personnel off base. So it seems bar doesn’t mind the religions he used to call false as long as they’re practiced out of sight. That tells us a great deal about how Senator Barr truly feels about individual liberty. He’s all for it until its practiced openly.

The odds that his ideas on how liberty should be practiced changed as drastically as he wants us to believe between 1999 and 2006 are slim. It might be true that he was frustrated by the direction of the Republican Party; but Wiccans, psychics, and others still have no reason to trust him. If anything these groups need to pressure Barr in order to learn what his true motives with the Libertarian Party are.

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