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Astrology is an ancient art that has been slowly evolving over centuries at a time. No more can you simply read your Sun sign and have that be that. Now we have an understanding of the planets and their flow to allow a deeper understanding and meaning to be gleaned. The entire planetary system can be called upon to create a chart that is just for you.

When someone asks about their astrological sign most people will respond with their Sun sign unknowingly. The one month window of when you were born is what dictates their Sun sign. Such as if someone were born between May 21st and June 20th you would be born under the Sun sign of Gemini. Perhaps you were born between October 23rd and November 21st you would then be under the sign of Scorpio.

No matter who you are when you were born you have a unique time in space that corresponds with the moment you were born. An entirely unique to you is the sequence that the sun, moon, and planets lined up in during your birth. Through studying the Sun sign, Moon sign, Rising sign, and planetary influences, you can use each of these signs and their meanings to create a broader view of yourself in an astrological sense.

Astrology and its Sun signs are a rather popular past time to some. You open a book and go straight to your birth sign or Sun sign looking for its description and guidance about your personality. Often times this will leave you confused, as these personality assessments are a very broad spectrum that may not even pertain to you. Your Sun sign is just a small piece of your astrology chart and your personality as a whole.

The Sun

As small children we learned about the Sun and the Earth’s 365 day trek around this bright and heavenly body creating our modern year. Each of the twelve signs in the astrological chart correspond to a month in our calendar. From Aries to Pisces our Sun spends a month residing in each sign. Whichever month and sign the Sun was passing through at the time of your birth becomes your Sun sign.

Where the Sun sign is concerned are where you will find your core traits and personalities. Sun signs encompass the traits in your person that you and others can easily identify and interpret. There are many examples that can be given to show the traits of the signs but I will keep it simple. Someone born under the sign of Libra is a laidback, and peaceful sort. The opposite of Libra is the Aries sign which is known for their ambition, headstrongness, and all in all always running along at full speed. Now these are personality traits that can so easily be seen by an outsider and are just a part of what makes an individual under the signs of astrology.

The central figure in an astrological chart is indeed the Sun sign. Your Sun sign takes a very active and central role in the interpretation of your chart. Obviously the Sun sign is also the most popular and well known bit in astrology as a whole. With your main attributes coming from the Sun sign it does make sense that it is central to your astrological chart. As the Sun is not the only heavenly body in the sky neither is it the only driving factor behind your astrological chart and personality.Decanates diagram


Each Sun sign has three decanates which are broken up into 10 day pieces. Now the decanates do not always follow these 10 day schedules as there are not always only 30 days in a month. You can help refine your Sun sign by using the decanates. You don’t even lose the basics of your Sun sign through this process. Decanates are why two people born under the same Sun sign can and are so vastly different in personality.


The cusps are an interesting creature. When a person is born on a cusp day it means that they are born on the day on the cusp of the sign change. Take Aries, you were born April 19th. Therefore you were born on the cusp of being a Taurus and may share traits from the Aries as well as the Taurus. There is however always one sign that plays a dominant force in your traits and life. Those born on a cusp day would do well to know where the sign was on the day of their birth to better understand how the Sun has worked their sign.

The Moon

After the Sun sign the Moon is the next celestial body up in astrological importance. Like the relationship the Sun and Moon share in the sky, in astrology the Moon works off of the Sun and is in many ways just as important. The Moon dictates the deeper and darker inner workings of you and your personality. The Moon works to control your inner most fantasies, how you feel, and the way you react to situations. These are the parts of your personality that are not seen and observed by others nor do you want others to see them usually. The Moon dictates those most intimate personality traits in a person.

As the Earth moves around the Sun so does the Moon with it. As the Moon moves it passes through each of the twelve astrology phases. Due to the difference in speeds your Sun sign and Moon sign will differ. In order to find your Moon sign you will need your day, month, and year of your birth for moon phase cross referencing. In order to know your moon sign you will have to look it up by your birth day month and year instead of just the month like the Sun sign.

The Moon is your inner most self where your Sun sign reflects your outer self, the self that the world sees. The inner self is the mysterious, hidden, and private part of yourself that not many are privy to. The Moon sign is important and once you know it you can find yourself taking on the attributes of your signs concealed self. Take for example the Moon sign of Gemini. If the Moon is passing through the sign of Gemini during your birth then your inner self will take on traits such as intelligence, inquisitiveness, and communication. These secondary traits from the Moon rule your inner self, and meld with your outer self to help create you as a person, as a whole.

The Rising Sun

Now that we are past the easy stuff we start getting into your Rising Sun sign or Ascendant sign. The Ascendant sign is a bit more complex and difficult to ascertain. How are you supposed to find you Ascendant sign? By your hemisphere of course! You take the hemisphere where you were born, and look at its opposite. If you were born in the Eastern hemisphere then you must see what sign was rising in the Western hemisphere at the time of your birth. This will for sure be a tad bit confused at first as this requires the hemisphere, year, month, day, you were born and perhaps even exact location of where you were born to get an accurate Rising Sun sign.

The Rising Sun sign is indicative of the outer self. The literal external self that is your appearance and vibe that you give off to others. The perception of yourself by others is heavily dictated by your Ascendant sign. As Joanna Martine Woolfolk, the author of The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need puts it: “Your Ascendant is called the sign of your self – your self-awareness, your self-sufficiency, your self-interest. In many ways your Rising sign signifies your goals, aims, and objectives, and indicates the main thrust of your creative powers.”

Try this out for yourself! Find you Ascendant sign and look at it closely. Do any of the traits it has pertain to you and your life? How well do you match up to your sign?

The Other Planets

As I am sure you know, Astrology does not end with just those three signs. All of the planets in our solar system have their time to shine upon a person’s personality. Each planet has unique attributes that play upon the existing signs to help delve deeper into a person’s personality.

Though our solar system is vast and wide our planetary neighbors still have their own influences on us. The same as the Earth, the other planets all pass through the twelve signs and bestow their traits upon us.

For each planet there are certain traits that when combined with what sign they were passing through at the time of your birth become melded.

Mercury – Deals in intellectualism and communication

Venus – Deals in love and romance

Mars – Deals in physical energies

Jupiter – Deals in good luck, optimism, success, and generosity

Saturn – Deals in responsibility

Uranus – Deals in change and originality

Neptune – Deals in mystery and illusion

Pluto – Deals in awesome power


Once you have charted the planets they are put into a House. Each House divides the planetary influence into smaller and more manageable bits and pieces. This helps you dissect yourself and personality down even further. The Houses show how you form your opinions, achieve your goals, and even what brings on your big life decisions. Again much like the signs and the months in a year you have 12 houses that your planets and personalities may fall into.


The House of the Self

The House of Money

The House of Communications

The House of Home

The House of Creativity

The House of Service and Health

The House of Partnership and Marriage

The House of Death and Regeneration

The House of Mental exploration and long distance travel

The House of Career and Public standing

The House of Friends, Hopes, and Wishes

The House of Secrets, Sorrows, and Self-Undoing


Getting to know yourself

Obviously this is not an end all be all of astrology. In order to get the most out of astrology and what it can do for your life you must study it and practice it. The resources on astrology are near endless in quantity and quality. There is and will be a book or website out there that can help you understand astrology and yourself from the inside out. If you are the analytical type you can find many books and websites with charts that will allow you to find all of the signs in your life we discussed above. If you don’t want to use a chart however there are many calculators that show you exactly what you want to know, all you have to do it look.

These are mostly for Sun and Moon signs, if you want to dig deeper you will have to look to charts and maps in order to get further into your personality. Woolfolk puts it succinctly in her book: “In my own work as an astrologer, I have found that the personality you outwardly project is almost always a perfect blend of your Sun sign and Rising sign. It is this combination that makes your unique impact on the world.”

What is a Horoscope

Your horoscope is a personalized map of what and where your signs and planets are going. A two dimensional map if you will of your sun, moon, and other planets. In a birth chart your planetary influences are charted exactly where they were at the time of your birth. This gives you the initial chart of your personality.

Your horoscope simply shows what cards you were given at birth. How you play those cards however is totally up to you. Though your astrology chart shows the influences over your life you still have your free will to do with as you please.

Through astrology brings a clarity and incredible understanding to your life don’t count on a simplistic understanding! Use your horoscope as a guide, but not a gospel. There is always room for error.

Learning to Cast a Horoscope

For many studying and learning astrology is tedious, complex, and downright frustrating. Astrology usually requires memorization of planetary placements, learn many astronomical facts, and studying the solar system.

Astrological basic are much more simple than they seem and you can learn them quite easily. Taken from Stephen Arroyo’s ideas as well as other astrologers of note are six easy steps toward interpreting astrological charts. I won’t go into that here, but don’t be fooled, you don’t always have to use books for your charts.

In our modern world we have different kinds of software that can help you chart your horoscope or that for others. Currently one of the best and cheapest is the Halloran Astrology Software which comes with different levels of knowledge and many different languages. If you are just looking for the basics you can get the Astrology for Windows calculator, though this one is free.

The Halloran software’s are reliable, accurate, and what’s more easy to use. This program is just for charting, the interpretations are left solely up to you! You can work on your interpretations of these charts you create using the Astrology Weekly lessons 1 – 6. By working through all of the lessons you can begin to interpret your own charts quickly.

Be it that this is a Welsh oriented Zodiac system these are the names as you know them as well as their own Welsh names.

Aries – yr Hwrdd, arwydd yr Hwrdd

Taurus – (arwydd, cydser) y Tarw

Gemini – arwydd y Gefeilliaid

Cancer – arwydd y Cranc

Leo – arwydd y Llew

Virgo – y Forwyn, arwydd y Forwyn, chweched arwydd y sidydd

Libra – arwydd y Fantol

Scorpio – arwydd yr ysgorpion, un o ddeuddeg arwydd y sidydd

Sagittarius – cysawd y Saethydd a nawied arwydd y sidydd

Capricorn – arwydd yr Afr

Aquarius – y Dyfrwr (seryddiaeth)

Pisces – arwydd y pysgod

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