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Almost everyone has heard or read about the lost city of Atlantis at some point in their life. Even encyclopedias have detailed descriptions of it; describing it as a mythical civilization wrote about by the ancient Greek scholar Plato. Its often described as a super advanced civilization that dwarfed all others before it was erased by a catastrophic earthquake. Sinking to the bottom of the ocean somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean west of Gibraltar.Graph

Encyclopedias also point out that the existence of Atlantis is still a controversial topic among scientists. They are often unable to explain why the island it was located on vanished and where it might have originally been. There have been numerous potential sites where the remains of Atlantis could be discovered over the last few decades.

The most likely sites where Atlantis could be found are the Celtic Shelf (located between Spain, France, and England), an area of the North Sea, Indonesia in the South China Sea, and the Caribbean sea. There have also been reports from the waters surrounding Okinawa, Japan and the coast of India. These areas perfectly meet the qualifications for possible locations of an ancient civilization that popped right after the last ice age.

What’s important to keep in mind if we are ever going to find the resting place of Atlantis is the visions of dozens of psychics like Edgar Cayce. According to these psychics they have learned much about the lost civilization through visions. Seeing everything from daily life to their greatest advancements to their ultimate destruction. Their visions, if we finally choose to listen to them, could lead to major breakthroughs in science and history.

Chief among these psychics whose claims need to be investigated is Edgar Cayce, who had numerous visions of Atlantis. Cayce is one of the best known psychics in the world going into long trances where visions of the past, present, and future came to him. Many of the events he foresaw have already come true and others continue to ring true to this day. Adding credence to what he said about the location and power of Atlantean artifacts.

We already have one of the artifacts from Atlantis that Cayce saw, a blue stone that he said would be found on a Caribbean island. In 1974 a blue volcanic pectolytic was found in the Dominican Republic. The stone now known as the Larimar that has been found to have mystical healing properties. More recently visions had by Cayce and other psychics about Atlantis have started coming true.

Many psychics like Cayce have told the world that Atlantis was a massive continent that had existed in the Atlantic Ocean. Resting between Europe and America before a great cataclysm, caused by the Atlantean’s own technology, caused it to sink. They’ve also said pieces of that once great civilization would reappear near the Caribbean islands.

Those words have now started ringing true with the recent discovery of an ancient road off the coast of Bimini. It and other discoveries like it in that area have kicked off a new wave of interest in the psychic visions of Atlantis. Making now the perfect time to revisit the writings of Edgar Cayce and other psychics to light the way to the rest of what remains of Atlantis.

Atlantis Resources

Their visions can offer not only major archeological evidence about Atlantis but offer us a unique look at ancient civilization. Unlike other ancient civilizations where historians must piece together what it was like during those times with what little information was left behind; the whole history of Atlantis could be uncovered.

Psychics all over the world have already tried to supply this information to the academic world. Trying to show them that they were reincarnated Atlanteans who had uncovered all of the memories of their previous life. Sadly that information has fallen on deaf ears until the recent discoveries in Bimini and other locations.

Now for the first time ever archeologists, historians, and psychics can come together to combine their talents to create a complete picture of a civilization. Psychics, especially clairvoyants, will play the biggest role in this combination by pointing to important locations, filling in gaps in the record, even explaining how the technologies we find work. In fact their unique abilities may be our only way of activating the ancient Atlantean technology that we find. Helping us to recapture the heritage of our Atlantean ancestors.

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